Finding a Home

Search with a Guide:

With Road Back Home, you will be connected with a Real Estate Buyer Agent dedicated to serving you. You can search for real estate from the comfort of your own home with an experienced guide to help you find your way. Using our search tool, which is tied directly to the same MLS system that Realtors use, you'll see only active listings. As you search, we'll be able to fine-tune your search based on the properties you have liked so that we can find the perfect home. In addition, we can set you up on listing alerts so that when proeprties like what you are looking for come on the market, you'll be the first to know.

Our buyer agents have experience in local real estate, and can guide you to properties that are perfect for you.

Your Own Agent:

A buyer agent is your representative. A listing agent has entered into a binding agreement that requires them to act in the best interest of the seller. using a buyer agent makes sure that there is someone assuring that YOUR best interests are accounted for.

Buyer Agents bring experience to the table. While the average person buys 3-5 homes in their lifetime, a good buyer's agent assists in 3-5 home purchases every month!

Your buyer agent also has access to great information beyond what you can find online, and has the ability to do things such as a comparative market analysis to ascertain a prospective home's fair market value, and can give you a haads-up on pertinent information that will help your decision making.

In addition, a good buyer agent brings peace of mind as you make the largest purchase you'll ever make.

Finally, having a buyer agent doesn't cost you any money. The seller pays your buyer agent's commission. Even though your agent works for you, you don't pay them!